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My obsession with Jensen is emphasized by this url change. I haven’t changed my url ever since I joined this website and I’ve never based my blog theme around a character or celebrity before, either (working on changing my theme to go with the url. fucking Jensen)

Changing my url tomorrow for the morning crowd so everyone isn’t confused

changing my url soon

im weeping my friend is saving for me but i cant take it until tomorrow or something


wongstea replied to your post: i was taking a bath and my cat jumped up and…

PUT IT IN RICE OR BEANS. seriously the phone might be ok for like two hours and then die (that happened to my laptop but idk about phones??)

omg seriously thaNK YOU??

i actually spilled orange juice on my netbook while in a skype call with my (ex)boyfriend and he just laughed at me omg not a fun time

i thought it was okay but then welp blacck screen and it wouldnt turn on (plus i dont think i could fit the laptop in a bag of rice anyway?)


wongstea liked your post: sighs because still 18 days before she can go home

but why

wait what i thought this was someone elses post, I don’t even know who you’re talking about ehehe oops

Andrew Hussie and I

Adventure Time Nesting Dolls hand-painted by me

I was thinking of opening an Etsy to sell these and other things, but I don’t think I really need to, I figured I could use tumblr. These took me about a week to paint, and the actual wooden dolls are very expensive, so I’m asking around $70, but of course we can negotiate if anyone’s interested! I’ve had them for a while but never got around to putting them up for sale until now.

If you’re interested in buying these, inbox me!! (even if you’re not interested it’d be nice if you reblogged anyway :3)

EDIT: don’t hate me for the weird angled photos, I don’t know what I was thinking. These are from a while ago.

in response to this

this means more doodles.



Today was very eventful.


Me, Brynn, Tia and Athena went to see Ghost Rider 2, we didn’t even know if we were seeing it ironically or not. 

More info bout the day under the cut cause no one curr, probably.

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best day evaaaaaaaar

My Favourite Albums of 2011

  1. Cults" Cults
  2. Yuck" Yuck
  3. Native Speaker" BRAIDS
  4. Bon Iver" Bon Iver
  5. Take Care, Take Care, Take Care" Explosions in the Sky
  6. Wounded Rhymes" Lykke Li
  7. Burst Apart" The Antlers
  8. Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will" Mogwai
  9. Eye Contact" Gang Gang Dance
  10. W H O K I L L" tUnE yArDs




reblogging again , because You know, I can

tee hee, Sean you’re so cute CX 

(posting this again since I first posted it at midnight)