I have never purchased a swimsuit that looks good on me before this 👙💘


now that i think of it dude characters basically go into four categories for me:

  • husbands
  • disaster sons
  • assholes i hate
  • who?????

does anyone have a good torrent/download for photoshop cs6 that they know for sure works and isnt too difficult to crack or patch or whatever? ive had no luck with the past like three ive tried?

#spooky (at New Orleans, Louisiana)


Phil Noto!

Recent work by the infallible Phil Noto:

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Christian Dior Haute Couture F/W 2010.



i am so scared of the generation of young boys fed on a steady diet of violent internet porn growing up and becoming influential and prevalent

Is this a big problem? There’s a lot more banal porn than violent porn easily accessible on the internet, so the prevalence of men (and women) who consume boring porn is much more likely. People who like and/or are interested in violent porn/sex are already in places of power (as they’ve been for all of human history) and it isn’t currently destroying society.

I’m not even sure what this post is supposed to mean, but any porn is bad porn for young boys. we should already be scared

first time with wifi since Saturday, hello tumblr

btw I’m 2 followers from 300…


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cosmo sex tip #69: read autostraddle tbh



California cops are pulling people over for.the.best.reason.EVER. See all the surprised reactions here.

The only time they’ll pull over white people